Czech Airlines – cancelled flights FAQ (creditors form the EU except the Czech Republic)

I have a Czech Airlines air ticket, my flight has been cancelled and no refund has been provided. What shall I do?
You shall submit your claim for reimbursement of funds for the cancelled flight by means of lodgement of claims under the insolvency proceeding in respect of the Czech Airlines.

Where do I lodge my claim?
The lodgment of claims shall be sent to the Municipal Court in Prague. The reference number of the case is: MSPH 92 INS 3628/2021.

Is there any form for the lodgement of claims?
Yes, you can use the form referred to in the EU Regulation 2015/848.

What language version of the lodgement of claims form may I use?
According to the EU Regulation 2015/848 you can use any EU official language. Yet, a translation to the official language of the state that started the insolvency proceedings may be required (i.e. Czech). Insolvency practitioner accepts lodgements of claims in Czech, Slovak, English or German. Nevertheless, insolvency practitioner does not currently have the information if the insolvency court will accept other languages than Czech. Please follow this website as this information will be updated as soon as possible.

How do I send my lodgement of claims to the Municipal Court in Prague?
If you have a qualified electronic signature according to the eIDAS EU Regulation 2014/910, you can e-mail your lodgement of claims to the Municipal Court in Prague. We recommend to electronically sign both the e-mail itself and the lodgement of claims. The Court’s e-mail is:

Otherwise, send it or bring it in writing in two original copies to the Municipal Court in Prague. The address of the court is:

Městský soud v Praze
Slezská 2000/9
120 00 Praha 2 – Vinohrady
the Czech Republic

Until when do I have to send the lodgement of claims?
Generally speaking, you have to send the lodgement of claims by the 10th of May 2021. Considering the significant number of receivables registered, you are requested to submit your registration form as soon as possible so that the insolvency court as well as the insolvency practitioner have sufficient time to process the registration forms. A timely submission of the lodgement of claims can facilitate the smooth course of insolvency proceeding as well as a quicker (even if partial) satisfaction of the creditors´ claims registered.

What are the consequences of non-submission of lodgement of claims within the defined deadline?
Belated lodgement of claims will not be taken into consideration by the court and the relevant claims will not be satisfied in the insolvency proceeding.

Do I have to lodge my claim in specific currency?
Yes, all claims lodged shall be converted into CZK (Czech Koruna). Use the exchange rate published by the Czech National Bank  for the 26th of February 2021 (examples of exchange rates for the 26th of February 2021: 1 EUR=26.195 CZK, 1 RUB=0,28889 CZK). However, if your claim is due earlier, use the exchange rate for the due date of your claim.

Is there any sample of a filled-in lodgement of claims form available?
A sample of the completed form for the lodgement of claims is available here. This is solely an example of a registration form. However, this sample cannot be used as such to claim all receivables related to cancelled (or delayed) flights.

What kind of attachments shall be enclosed to the lodgement of claims?
Generally speaking, you have to prove that you have bought an air ticket for a Czech Airlines flight, the price of the ticket and that the flight has been cancelled. Thus, we recommend to enclose relevant attachments, such as electronic ticket receipt, reservation confirmation and notification of the flight cancellation.

Whom to approach with a request for help to complete the lodgement of claims?
Please consult any lawyer listed in the Register of Lawyers of the Czech Bar Association, since only these are authorised to provide legal services in the Czech Republic. For further questions, please do not contact the insolvency practitioner (the company INSKOL v.o.s., ID No. 06953859) appointed for the insolvency proceedings of the Czech Airlines as the insolvency practitioner will review lodgements of claims and therefore is not authorised to provide legal support. Nor do so in the insolvency court (the Municipal Court in Prague) which does not provide, pursuant to legislation, legal advisory service. Such questions cannot be processed for capacity reasons.

Legal disclaimer:
Answers to the abovementioned questions are solely of general information character and cannot be applied without further context in respect of all cases of cancelled or delayed flights. No binding interpretation of the applicable legislation is stated herein as courts are solely authorized to provide such interpretation in specific cases. The insolvency practitioner – INSKOL v.o.s., ID No. 06953859, having its registered office at Svatováclavská 97/6, 733 01 Karviná – Fyštát, Czech republic, hereinafter the “Practitioner”, is not responsible for any usage of the abovementioned information by third parties and draws any third parties´ attention to the fact that the information stated above cannot, in any way, be considered advice related to knowledge and skills of the Practitioner. The Practitioner brings herewith to the attention of third parties and particularly of the potential creditors of the debtor České aerolinie a.s., ID No. 45795908, having its registered office at K Letišti 1068/30, Ruzyně, 161 00 Praha 6, Czech republic, that the creditor on his/her own is entirely responsible for the accuracy of data included in his/her lodgement of claims and this means, among others, that the Practitioner cannot be responsible for such data.